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I'm Ken Chase

  • Web Designer
  • Musician
  • Photographer

I’m a sound designer, guitarist, singer/songwriter, and music producer living in Ottawa, Ontario. I record original material in a small home-based studio. It’s all very lo-fi and, until someone pays me, without commercial ambition.

Sounds and words are always dancing around in my head, so I constantly have several music projects on the go. Maybe some of it will connect with you? If so, please get in touch.


About: Iona Mansions

Iona Mansions creates and publishes DIY sound experiments. This often involves mangling samples from B movies to create sound collages. These short audio stories can sometimes be disturbing and haunting. Iona Mansions make accidents with and on purpose.

No boxes. No boundaries.


About: Nick Lickson

Nick Lickson produces music with more conventional song structures than Iona Mansions. The songs are guitar and vocal based with a Lo-fi aesthetic. The lyrics tell stories which are accessible without being trite. Nick Lickson likes hooks, melodies, and nasty sounding guitars.

Sometimes called The Nick Lickson Band, sometimes Nick Lickson and the 99 Take Scenes. Either way, I’m the only member of each and every one of these bands.


Ken Chase Music: Some History

I’ve been a member of The Taumcats, Sister Roger Moonshine and the Pierre Legault Band. 

As a solo artist, I’ve performed and recorded under several pen names: Pissenlit, The Chinaskis (named so before the better-known ones), Nick Lickson, and Iona Mansions being but a small sampling of them. Sometimes I even go by Ken Chase. It’s all very confusing.

Venues played include: Barrymores Music Hall, The Manx, Lieutenant Poolies, The Blues Cafe, The Upstairs Club. I’ve also played The Oaulie Beach Resort, as well a little church in Newcastle, on the beautiful island Nevis.



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