Ken Chase

About Ken Chase


I'm a Canadian web designer, photographer, and musician, based in Ottawa, Ontario.

This website is taking a short break while I work on a fresh new look for it. For commissions, or if you'd just like to drop me a line, feel free to contact me.

Web Design

Bespoke design and development.

I'm a full stack web developer with an eye for design. I build custom WordPress websites and beautiful design systems using Figma.

Among others, I've worked with:

You can find out more about my professional web design experience on LinkedIn.


Experimental music.

I’m a sound designer, guitarist, singer/songwriter, and music producer. I record original material in a small home-based studio. It’s all very lo-fi and, until someone pays me, without commercial ambition.

Sounds and words are always dancing around in my head, so I constantly have several music projects on the go. I've posted some of my experiments to my SoundCloud account.


Abstract and street photography.

I started teaching myself photography in late 2018 and consider it an aggressive hobby. I approach photography as a form of artistic expression which I often use in tandem with my music. It helps me tell stories.

You'll find a lot of my work on Instagram.